Bioinfo Alpha Core Course Drug Design Course Bioinfo Center in NTHU PCLyu's LAB
Bioinformatics Core for 2007 Summer
(2007. 7. 2 - 2007. 7. 13)
Bioinformatics course in NTHU

The structural genomics project aims at determination of the 3D structure of all proteins experimentally and theoretically. Structural information of a protein is valuable in functional annotation and powerful in new drug-discovery. Another goal is to provide at least a representative structure for each protein family. Sequence and structure data will be combined using bioinformatics methods (a) to compare the known data in the database, (b) to predict and analyze targets, (c) help target selection, (c) and to provide a platform to communicate and coordinate.

- Ping-Chiang Lyu, Instruments Today


Tutorial for Bioinformatics, including rasmol, pymol, chime, jmol, VAST, CE, Swiss-PdbViewer, Docking tools ... ::More ::



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